Around the Shops in Madrid

Over the years, Madrid has become synonymous with excellent shopping. Designer brands, boutiques and plenty more besides are situated throughout the city where the visitor can really shop ’till they drop. There are different possibilities for shopping in Madrid. A leisure stroll through the shopping district is one possibility if you have the time to spend, or alternatively, if it is more of a smash and grab you are after then one of the many shopping centers might be better suited to your needs.

Xanadu is a multi level sports and shopping center located to the south of the city on the side of the A-5 highway. Easily reached by Car, Bus or Taxi it is also provides for disabled people and young children. Besides the huge array of shops that can be found here, Xanadu also contains the largest indoor ski slope in Europe! Your kids can be entertained whilst you get down to some serious shopping maybe.

The largest shopping complex in Madrid houses the PlazaNorte2 and can be found to the North of the city. The whole complex is enormous and holds a great number of independent stores. There are a number of supermarkets and Department stores located here. PlazaNorte2 is just one part of the complex but holds itself over 200 shops. You really need a whole day for this complex due to its sheer size. A number of bars and restaurants can be found at this shopping centre, great for relaxing in after a hard days shopping.

The Sexta Avenida is so-called because of its location at the side of the A-6 highway. This strategic loaction means that can be reached by Car, Bus or Train very easily. Over 100 stores are located here and the inside “Terraza” (terrace) that has bee built inside the centre means you can enjoy Spanish food whilst undercover all year round.

There are the biggest shopping centres to be found in Madrid, however there are some smaller places to visit. Las Rozas Village is a popular outlet village close to The Sexta Avenida, and El Jardin de Serrano is the only place in the centre of the city, close to many of the hotels. This makes it very popular with tourists. If shopping centres and department stores are not your thing however, there are numerous shops and boutiques within the bustling shopping district. You will find all the major high end designer brands here if you really would like to get down to some spending!