How to Get Around in Paris

It’s important to know how you’re going to get around Paris when visiting the city of lights. Like most European Cities there are many and varied manner of cruising around the city. Paris is very friendly to tourists providing convenient, economical solutions to mass transit as well as, other modes of personal transport. It’s a good idea to lay out how you’re going to get around before you actually get there, but keep in mind you are better off using public transport than trying to drive yourself around in a rental car. Paris is second only to Cairo in terms of being a danger to drivers who don’t know the city well.

The first and best way you should consider in how to get around in Paris, is walking. The City of Lights is one of the best walking cities in the world. True, it’s probably too big to walk around in one trip. Well, unless you’re a marathon walker! But, you can cover a great deal of ground in say, a week trip. Walking is also the best way to see all the sites. Not being cramped in a car or underground on the metro affords some of the best vistas the world has to offer. Consider biking too. Biking is also a great way to see the city. Just watch out for that crazy Parisian traffic!

Speaking of the metro, Paris has one of the world’s best run and efficient underground people movers in the world. The Metro is definitely how to get around in Paris if you need to go somewhere that’s not in walking distance. You will find it to be clean, safe, comfortable and very inexpensive. It also services most parts of Paris, allowing easy access to all Paris has to offer. When you choose a place to stay, it is a good idea to check for good proximity to a Metro station.

Bus service is also a good option when considering how to get around in Paris. With 58 lines, bus service can get you wherever you want to go at a reasonable rate. It is a little more cumbersome to figure out than the Metro, but still a great option. Of course, there is the old standby taxi service, as well. Taxis are available all over the city just like any major metropolitan area. Getting around Paris is a snap!